"Here, the world of the soul and intelligence celebrates its triumph over the shallow external world"
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ok, perhaps the unity of you and the divine hasn't manifested here yet, so lets see if I can do one for you, special.
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08 Nov 2021
When I contemplate these paintings I think of two rough boys that have been dressed up in suits, their mother has wiped their noses and told them to behave. There is comedy, as they strain to compose themselves, and to conform. They have been asked to fall deeper into the world of society, and asked to further abandon their own worlds, where the only rule is their rule. I find it sublime to project these landscapes as personalities, perhaps even projecting personalities I know, where instead of seeing their bodies, their faces, their eyes, I would be presented only with these vast expanses of wilderness. It would be sublime because they contain something so profoundly untamable, and a force that would be so far beyond my capability to control.

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