Solo exhibition:
'I'm looking for my missing piece' @ Longstreet Art lovers 1932

06 Oct 2017
My fifth solo exhibition ’I’m looking for my missing piece’ will open on 6 October 2017 at Longstreet art lovers 1932 gallery in Waterkloof and runs to 23 October. Please join us for a glass of wine at the opening at 6:30pm.

This exhibition consists of a series of paintings that draw from the exotic realm of film, landscapes linked to family and childhood, and hyper-local images. In this way, I attempt to express my unique vision and desire for realisation.

I think we all feel that we lack something, a ’missing piece’ as it were, that we try to fill or that we search for. It seems natural for us to want to resolve this situation and it creates within us a drive or a desire. Paradoxically, if we were to solve this problem and find our ’missing piece’ we would malfunction to a certain degree because our drive and our desire would diminish.

This exhibition is a search for what is missing, a search for truth and an attempt at realisation. The pixellated print-like style can be seen as a performative gesture that tries to break the surface of ideology and see the real.

Hosted by:
Longstreet art lovers 1932
198 Long Street
Waterkloof, Gauteng, South Africa

Film image #21
Acrylic on board
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