Film image 43 & 47 diptych
15 Feb 2022
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Where there is no time, things come to a ‘standstill’, all information is simultaneously presented, it does not change over time. It is a realm beyond human imagination, but it may be glimpsed in a painting, particularly because a still image presents all its information at once; also, an artwork manifests the world of the inner soul, spirit, mind and God. Contemplating a painting means to pluck it out of time and space, and relation to all other objects. Schopenhauer suggests that it is to forget the why, the when and the whither, and retain only the what, and to stay only within perception. And then time comes to a standstill, what TS Eliot refers to as a ’still point’. It is a strange place where all contradiction is reconciled. It is like a rainbow that rests within the innumerable drops of a waterfall; it is like a sunbeam that pierces the fury of a restless storm.
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