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Film image #27 with extrapolation and simulacra (limited edition print)
Ink on paper, 34x60cm
Edition of 25
Printed on quality acid free archival paper

Transcript from video: I think this painting has immediate appeal, it is warm, fuzzy and comforting in colour and its grassy/furry texture. But also, it has a kind of artificial pixellated ‘computer game’ quality to its surface, and that is when it starts to draw me in, into its web, into its complexity.

Does this painting reflect something about life? Well, I would say life is full of tension. Disparate things with their own forces pushing and pulling in different directions. Tension between what 'is' real and what 'wants' to be real, or tension between the way things are and the way we wish them to be. So, yes, I think I see that in this painting and it does say something about that aspect of life.