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Film image #41
Acrylic on board, 40x40cm
R1 360.00
One of the most enduring images from Dante’s Paradiso is heaven populated with saved souls which shine like lamps or stars. They coalesce around God forming a kind of stadium or galaxy all with one focus, and this is referred to by christian mystic contemplatives, like Dante, as ’the mystic rose’. Each light serves to show some aspect of God and since God is infinite there is no end to what can be seen. One part of the poem struck me where the lights work together to form an image of an eagle. They animate the eagle and make it fly and swoop round in an arc over Dante. This ironically, surprisingly, describes a modern digital screen, advertising boards and the like which we see around us every day. Did these screens come into existence because of Dante’s vision? Do these screens appeal to us because of a profound apparatus in us that can somehow remember heaven?