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Local image #80
2024, Acylic on board, 30x30cm
December 19, 2023

Song, music, angel choir faces with mouths wide open,
Cursed photo intrusion, but they are naked anyway.
I'm writing a poem, rhythm, music, and poetry
Coming from painting and white noise sounds of rain and thunder.

The angel voices, ten thousand upon ten thousand,
Thousands and thousands, and then all creatures with a voice,
Sing and praise God, all naked and unashamed. God's loins glow like fire.
Circles of emerald fire, moving out and back again, like lightning.

The cherubim guardians powerfully serving, eyes front and back,
Awareness with an incredibly advanced aesthetic.
Cherubim have an advanced aesthetic, second only to God.
Lucifer was one of these. How much is still sustained?

The world is ending, this age is ending,
The age of the church is ending in 2024, sometime in 2024.
If I am wrong, I am wrong. I am used to being wrong.
The dark barks, the dog barks, the dark god comes.

We are high in the sky, the kind of blue one finds high in the sky on a clear day at sunset.
That terrible blue infinity without determination, where one has nothing to kick against.
One just has to float helplessly on and on, not knowing which way is up or down,
Because there is no up or down. I am made for up and down.

A lizard hunts outside my castle, leaping from rock to rock,
Searching, searching, desiring to fix its gaze upon me.
Something knocks at the wall, I go again into the infinite blue.
I try to make my way through the fence, the force field, the energy shield, the labyrinth.

To get through, I would need to make myself incredibly small,
To slip through the large gaps in the atoms between the nucleus and the electrons,
Carefully keeping my distance from the intense energy emitting from this potential nuclear bomb.
What is keeping it together? A strong nuclear force?


The pervasive vertical pattern, its verticality indicating spirituality,
Up, down, I was made for up and down,
this is why I am here, this is what I am here for,
don't be jealous, use me.

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