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Midsummer #11
Acrylic on board, 53x40cm
R1 800.00
The elements that make up this idyllic landscape all have in them something that would seem to threaten to end the continuity of its harmony. The bright blue sky can transform into a terrible impersonal infinity. The light meandering clouds seem to have a dark side as they are blocking the sun and twisting in turmoil. The shady tree has an artificial electronic quality to it and sadly stands apart from the rest of the trees that form a dark band on the horizon. And, the lush green grass with flecks of gold cascading down from left to right ends suddenly in a cliff-like way before a yawning abyss. Everything seems less than perfect. There is a tension between the halcyon pastoral scene and that which threatens to end it. Any landscape is a condition of the spirit and reflects deeply who we are.