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Film image #4, or 'TIT JOB' (framed)
Acrylic on board, 48x75cm
R2 990.00
This epic painting is structured in time with the foreground depicting the present and the past receding into the background. The back of a car forms an imposing smug mechanical beast alluding to modernisation. It seems to want to breach the boundary of the painting’s surface and invade another world not fit for it. The number plate can be read as ’TIT JOB’, which suggests themes of self indulgence and hedonism, much like Hieronymus Bosch’s famous alter piece ’Garden of Earthly delights’ (1490-1510). The exhaust pipe expels a cloud of smoke and pollution creating a film of preconception which subtly transforms what we see into a false ’reality’. Towards the edges of the painting we begin to glimpse what lies behind this screen. At the bottom left, I see a maiden at a body of calm pure water, perhaps Beatrice in Paradise at the river Lethe in Dante’s Purgatorio (1320). The bleeds on the edges are like fractal blooms forming an unintelligible cipher, suggesting primal ideas, thoughts and solutions that are now perhaps lost to us.