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Local image #41
2021, Acrylic on board, 30x30cm
Your words touch me so profoundly they make me want to live, they are so full of life they make me feel like I want to live, like I don't want to miss out on life, on you. In this painting the light is like moonlight - equal, reflected, luminous, coruscating light. There are no deep dark forgotten depths. Everything is built on the light, on the eternal present with all time apparent at once, simultaneously presented to my consciousness, to my mind, to my being, within the great sea of simultaneous eternal light without time, like being in water, no gravity, no up, no down ... this suddenly grows traumatic, painful and disorienting. Did I take it too far ... am I not suited for this ... am I not made to experience the full light without time? Do I require slices of time, that I can understand? Will I be like this forever?