"My works are prayers, describing things as I see them, striving as much as possible to describe things the way they actually are."
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Local image #42
21 Sep 2021
You are weaving a chamber for joy, that can hold joy, that is capable of holding joy and happiness, and love. You are reworking the threads, repairing the damaged ones, the damaged weave, the interwoven threads, intertwined with the world, extracting the foreign matter, reworking the foreign matter for good, making a strong weave, creating a tough weave, but yet a silky smooth soft weave too. Here I am, do I lack? I exist in your completeness, I exist in your fullness, I exist in your love.

Translation, transformation, formation, form, reality. From one reality to another, from one world to another, from one being to another, the ecstasy of translation, transformation.

Technology is indistinguishable from magic. Advanced technology is becoming more and more indistinguishable from old magic, it is, or is becoming the same thing, a becoming, an ecstatic becoming. A consciousness beyond the body, a being contained electronically in data, ones and zeros, electrical impulses, a being contained in a vessel of electrical impulses, chemically balanced, a chemical situation, is a balanced being of electrical pulses. Does a screen live? In what do the chemical electrical pulses move, through what channels? To shine, shining, to be sensed by an eye and translated into a vision by an organ of electrical pulses, to be acknowledged by a being, a sentient being, a spirit, a soul. One body makes a shining that is acknowledged by another body, from one organ of electrical impulses to another.

Signals or signs indicate or imply a sentient being, a living form. They would be completely meaningless to something else, unnoticed. Machines mostly do not make signs that we can understand, the signs they make are not for us, they are for them. Machines make signs for other machines.

Emanations or signs that mean something, signs that make love, are the only meaningful sign, the only sign that is not vain. An artwork can be seen as a sign that makes meaning for a human.

The post-human is not for humans, this world reaffirms the existence of a reality that was made for humans, the 'fittingness' of this reality for human beings is not coincidental but designed, and is awesome when one realises how easily the minutest change or contingency could have lead to a reality not for humans. It reaffirms a benevolent creator.

This is a painting as a machine that creates emanations or meaningful signs that can be acknowledged and decoded by a human being, and thus it is a sign that makes love.

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